2020 Absolute

The absolute started with a simple idea: what would happen if we set out to create a high-end performance twintip with no design limitations or cost restrictions? The board needed to be lightweight, fast, lively and nimble. Simultaneously we wanted a smooth ride with explosive pop, easy upwind tracking and grip-and-rip style turning. We wanted the board to be made of the highest performing materials available, so we didn’t set any specific material or construction limits. After hours of testing and countless prototypes, we finally found the right balance of flex, durability, performance, and construction.

  • Black
  • 140
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  • Full wood core CNC construction offering precise shape control
  • Textreme carbon top and bottom sheets add board stiffness while dampening chop vibration
  • Light weight engineer designed carbon material increases flex while also reducing overall weight
  • Lightweight carbon composite fins
  • 3 D top sheet contours that provide stiffness where necessary and flex where you want it