Updated for 2020, The Dart features a slightly narrower width and wider tail for quicker rail to rail turns and user friendly planning surface. The addition of the moon tail allows for the wider tail to still break free and the tail wings put a break in the rail line to give the Dart a looser feel than previous years. The Dart is a great all around board that allows you to progress from dropping the rope all the way up to your first air out. The Dart can be ridden as a thruster or a quad fin set-up.

  • Assorted
  • 4'10"
  • 5'3"
  • 45"

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  • If you’re looking for a fast, loose, and light surf-style wake surf board, the new DART may be just the right ride for you
  • A wider tail, slightly lower tail rocker and increased nose rocker, makes it fast with lots of glide
  • Lightweight EPS construction that is topped with a reinforce deck and carbon stringers, this board is built to perform and built to last
  • Carbon Tape Down Spine and single concave hull
  • Moontail and fibreglass hand lamination
  • Five Fin Option – Comes w/ 2 Large Side Fins, 2 Stubbie 2.0s, And 1 Center Fin