2020 Lunar Landar

Designed with the sole purpose of increasing your on water stoke, the Lunar Lander delivers a deep carving, floaty, and performance-oriented ride. The full nose, directional outline, asymmetric rocker, and deep “v” tail shape wrap up this new and exciting addition to the LF Hippy Stick family for your shredding, slashing, and wave bashing enjoyment. Expanding on previous models, the 2020 Lunar Lander was re-worked to incorporate the bottom contours found on the Echo. A triple concave center hull transitions into a fluted quad channeled tip. These contours help accelerate the water flow out of the tail, keeping board speed high while simultaneously increasing upwind tracking. Additionally, the deep channel layout allows the board to fully grip and rip through turns, creating a consistent, confidence-inspiring, and carve-a-licious ride.

  • Brown/black
  • 142
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  • M6 inline inserts for ultimate strength and multiple stance options
  • Quad concave bottom hull shape that soaks up chop and smooths hard landings
  • Deep V flex tail for carving control
  • Vector net carbon lamination fo4r reduced weight with sacrificed flex
  • LF exclusive liquid rail – most durable sidewall construction available