Reverse – Blank

What do you get if you take the Verse and give it a facelift? You get the all new 2020 Reverse…The board of choice by the “King of the Cable” Tom Fooshee. The Reverse features a new planshape with reverse sidecut ends and a triple concave with vee tip channels which allows the board to be ridden without fins yet keep a solid edge. The Liquid Rails and LF exclusive Sintered Grind Base make this board bullet proof for park riding. With a progressive 3 Stage Rocker and FSC full wood profiled split core, this board will give you some serious pop!

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  • Soft, playful board built with a subtle double concave and quad vee tip channels
  • Board can be ridden without fins yet keeps a solid edge
  • Comes with Liquid rails and LF exclusive sintered grind base
  • Progressive 3 stage rocker
  • This is the blank board price