Wheeled Board Bag

Available in 2 sizes to make sure that your board of any size will fit nice and snug in this wheeled bag. Easy roll eurothene wheels, fully lined and padded, internal pockets, drainage vents, clinch straps, grab handles and shoulder straps, the Wheeled board bag is perfect for your trip away. XL size holds boards up to 160cm.

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  • Black/red
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  • Fits all your gear: Boards, Bindings, and handles
  • 2 Boards with bindings un-mounted
  • Wheels are easy rolling urethane rubber
  • Full double layer padding to protect your boards with heavy duty nylon zippers
  • Tarpaulin liner to keep your stuff dry and padded tarpaulin board dividers
  • 5 x inside pockets, drain vents and cinch straps
  • This product is SOLD OUT